Blender cheat sheet for my own personal reference.


~: view-related things, like: move to selected, move to camera

alt + G: reset object position to origin

alt + mmb: snap orbit to axes

ctrl + A: apply scale, other things (applying scale is usually good to do if any procedural things downstream depend on the object)

ctrl + tab: switch modes if you get scared

alt + S: shrink/fatten tool shortcut

P: convert selection (in edit mode) to its own object, set parent otherwise

L: select LINKED over cursor

shift/ctrl + drag: smooth movement/incremental movement, works for nodes and numfields too

H: quick hide, like visgroups in Hammer

/: opposite (sorta), isolate the current object

F: hold, set size (for brush-based things)

shift + F: hold, set strength, again for brushes

A: select all (in whatever mode)

vertex groups are named values between 0 and 1 for each vertex on the mesh you paint in

M: (move) to new collection

ctrl + L: link (various data, like materials), select the linking template last


I: insert animation keyframe, brings up a menu

ctrl + mmb: drag to zoom timeline in the graph editor, which is like Unity’s dopesheet

right click + show sliders in the timeline lets you edit properties there