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zibcropped Zib is the revolutionary alter-ego of Biz, a highly respected pillar of the community. The dagger strapped to his shoulder is named Lung-Tickler.

This was a commission for a Dungeons & Dragons character during the Curse of Strahd campaign. The client requested a still portrait, but with some of the dynamism I brought to the Vapor Trails boss portraits.

juliet3x Juliet is a bard who left her family’s farm in search of adventure. She moonlights as a beekeeper.

She was a lot of fun to draw, especically based on the client’s initial sketch. This was another D&D character.


A Discord avatar, this one animated.


Tramp the cat. Fun with patterns.


A client’s cat, Hannah.

jasmine avatar

Another Discord avatar. Getting the main shapes on the bat readable at low resolution was a fun challenge.

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