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  • Blender Reference

    Blender cheat sheet for my own personal reference.

  • Procedural Water

    How to generate pseudo-3D water with a noise texture and some color ramps

  • Ghost AI for Vapor Trails

    Fast, reactive AI with a short training time

  • Designing Space for Violence

    How to make a good Trouble in Terrorist Town level

  • Hammer Modeling

    This is not about how to use Hammer itself. This is about how to efficiently model levels.

  • Racing Season in a Beach Town

    You look at the ocean differently than I do. I’m not sure when our perceptions diverged, maybe it was the same time we did. I still remember being stunned for the first time when you couldn’t come over after school.

  • Jelly Dreams

    There was something on my mind a moment ago, but the thought has vanished.

  • Practical Shaders: Wind-blown Leaves

    In this post, we’ll write a fragment shader to animate leaves in Unity. I’m assuming familiarity with light vector math.

  • Basic Skeletal Animation in Unity

    I’m very lazy and dislike hand-animating. This is a problem in game development, so I have a workaround.


    Ok so we’ve got this punch. Arm goes out, arm comes back in. Basic punch. Looks bad! How do we fix it?